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Important links you can find here. Portal, Outlook Web Apps, Service Descriptions, Toos and Resources about this productivity solution from Microsoft.
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Essential downloads

Lync Web App for Windows(32)or(64). Free Sharepoint Designer, Desktop Setup and Lync Basic (32)or(64). App OneDrive Business.

Related documentation

Consult Service Descriptions. Check Deployment Center. You can also see Updates and get trained. Take a look at Plataform as a whole.


Schedule online meetings, access your calendar, visit the company´s portal and find out how to setup your phone.

Useful Tools

Use Connectivity tools. For Lync you can use Transport Reliability. For checking Outlook try OCAT and o365 try MOSDAL. Check troubleshootingg tool.


Online Support

Locate Microsoft support, access the Community or contact us if you need consulting services. Check health status

About Security

Visit Trust Center see Advanced Privacy Options and also download a white paper related to security.

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